Mini Piling

Goerge Banks Mini-Piling & Underpinning Division have a range of piling rigs to offer the most economic foundation solution for the ground conditions encountered. We undertake ground beams for single plots, multiple plots and domestic / industrial extensions. We also provide piled slabs, pile caps, conservatory bases and garage bases.

We offer a full construction package including mini-piling, reinforced concrete works and full design calculations. As an alternative we can undertake piling only, or piles and ground beams to engineers design. We adopt a flexible approach to meet our client’s requirements.

Please click on the links below to view the different types of pile and foundation options.

100mm Dia Driven Cased Piles 50 – 60KN

150mm Dia Driven Cased Piles 90 – 100KN

220mm Dia Driven Cased Piles 150 – 200KN

Auger Piles

Ground Beams

Piled Slabs