150mm Dia Driven Cased Piles 90 – 100KN

150mm diameter driven cased piles are the most comman piles that we install. There load capability  is 80 – 100KN dependant on ground conditions. We use this size of pile for all types of underpinning, reinforced ground beams and slabs. The pile casings range from 1.0m  to 2.0m sections enabling use in restricted head room situations and to be  manually handled through doorways or into cellars.

The piles are driven internally with a grundomat (shown across in Black + White) or with a Drop Hammer Rig.The grundomat is powered by compressed air. Our compressors can be located outside and air lines run inside thus preventing any build up of fumes and minimising distruption. The Drop Hammer Rigs are powered by a silenced diesel power pack and runs off hydraulic lines (shown across)

The following is how the grundomat system drives the pile:

  1. 150mm nominal diameter “starter” casing is placed at pile the position complete with 500mm concrete / stone bung in toe.
  2. The grundomat 130 piling hammer, air driven is placed inside the starter.
  3. The grundomat and tube is raised into position of the pile and held vertically.
  4. The compressor is started up and the air tap gradually opened allowing the hammer action of the grundomat to drive the casing.
  5. Once the casing is firm and aligned, open tap for maximum drive, and drive the starter to approx 300mm from ground level.
  6. The next length of casing “follower” is fillet welded to the starter via a spigot and socket joint.
  7. Driving contiues adding more “followers” if required until the required resistance is reached.