220mm Dia Driven Cased Piles 150 – 200KN

220mm diameter driven cased piles are the largest piles that we install. There load capability is 150 – 200KN dependant on ground conditions. We use this size of pile for all types of larger reinforced ground beams, slabs and pile caps. The pile casings range from 1.0m to 2.0m sections enabling use in restricted head room and casings to be manually handled.

We have 2 drop hammer rig sizes:

  • D1000 with mounted power pack shown across for open sites
  • D500 which has a detachable power pack and can get through a house doorway.

Our drop hammers have excellent mobility via independently operated rubber tracks. The reliable rig enables a high level of production with large numbers of highly loaded piles installed economically and quickly. The diesel power pack cab be removed from the rig and umbilical lines used.

The following is how each steel concrete filled pile is driven:

  1. Place a plug of dry concrete / ballast into the “starter” casing. The end of this casing is crimped prior to delivery to site.
  2. Set up piling rig over the pile position. Ensuring that it is stable.
  3. Insert the hammer weight into the casing and bed onto the plug.
  4. Raise the casing and weight into position, restrain, and compact the plug material with a few small hammer blows. The casing is driven by the hammer weight being dropped over a specific free-fall height and striking the plug at the base of the pile.
  5. Add subsequent lengths of casing (“seconds”) using a welded connection.
  6. Once the required resistance set is reached extract the hammer and check the pile for verticality.
  7. Move to and set up over a new position and repeat steps 1 – 7.
  8. On completion of the piling, trim the casing to the cut off level using appropriate cutting equipment.
  9. Place the steel reinforcement into the casing as required, using spacers as necessary.
  10. Concrete the pile by using appropriate methods with designated concrete mix.