Auger Piles

We undertake auger piles up to 300mm in diameter. This type of piling is used when vibration and noise must be kept to a minimum. Loads from 60kN to 200kN can be achieved dependant on ground conditions. Across is the T3000 rig which can operate in restricted access areas and with limited headroom.

The following is the method of installing open bored piles:

  1. Set up piling rig over the pile position. Ensure that it is stable.
  2. Lift the lead flight into the guide on the rig, and insert drilling head.
  3. Commence augering. Once the lead flight has ben screwed into the ground add a second segmental auger flight and couple it to the first using coupling pins.
  4. Insert the drilling head and continue augering, adding subsequent flights until the required depth is reached.
  5. To extract the flights lift the head and auger string out of the bore. As each flight is extracted remove the arisings from the flight, insert support plate at base of flight to prevent auger sting from falling back and disconnect the flight. This process should be repeated until the auger string has been completely removed from the bore.
  6. Provided the bore is stable concrete* to top level of temporary casing.
  7. Place steel reinforcement into the concrete as required, using spacers as necessary.
  8. Move to a new pile position and repeat steps 1-7

* Assuming the bore is and remains dry on completion the pile is concreted from the top using a high slump self compacting concrete. Test cubes are taken as required.