Ground Beams

We undertake piled ground beams for extensions, single plots or multiple plots. There are two methods of installing the ground beams.

  1. Cast in-situ in excavated trenches.
  2. Shuttered and cast at a reduced level.

Please Note it is possible that piles can be installed with the trenches already excavated.

Case Study  Branch Place, Leeds

The Builder of this property had started to dig the strip footings out and found no suitable bearing stratum. A borehole was undertaken to establish the ground conditions and the site was found to be an old quarry. The quarry had been filled with soft ash fill from approximately 6m below ground level.

We recieved the enquiry through with a copy of the foundation plan and a copy of the borehole report. From this we designed a piled solution and returned a quotation to the Builder. The quotation was accepted and we undertook the full design of the piles and groundbeams which were approved by building control.

The builder excavated the trenches before our commencement on site, in this case 500mm x 300mm. 34 No 150mm diameter piles were installed to a depth of 6m within 5 working days and the groundbeam fixed, placed and concreted within the next week.

Accross shows the reinforcement cages made up in position, piles already installed and ready to be cast in-situ.